Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Be-Ach House

So back again for a new adventure in California, Hermosa Beach to be exact. Hermosa Beach lies between Manhattan Beach and Long Beach. I am staying at my cousins beach house. It's like 50 meters from the beach, I can see the beach from my balcony. I am doing some work around the house, cleaning the outside of the house, painting the fence, stuff like that and in change for that I can stay here at the beach house.

Wednesday 08-15-07
Today's Wednesday and Daniel is coming over, We're going to a bar over here to have a drink. Tomorrow we're gonna hang out at the house and probably at the beach. This is not really a exciting story, but I wanted to share it with you guys! (Photo's Coming Soon!)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Arrival in LA

After one and half year of waiting and working to get my visa, the moment is finally there! I am going to California to visit my Cousin Lynsi! The main purpose of this trip is to start working at her company called In-and-Out Burger, and the company is spread all over California, and has some stores in Nevada and Arizona.
In and Out Burger

Arrival in LA
After a long flight from Amsterdam to Los Angelos Airport (LAX), I finally arrive. It's early in the morning so everything seems quit at the airport. I had some troubles getting through the baggage claim and that took me over 2 hours extra. I walked into the Arrival hall, and there is this girl Cassy waiting for me. She is holding up a sign, Jean-paul from the Netherlands. She took me from LAX to Lynsi's house. It was friggin' hot in this country, around 35 degrees celsius. She lives in a beautiful house, high in the mountains watching over Los Angelos (No photo because of Security Reasons). I was exhausted from the trip. But this is where my story begins.....